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  • Betül Varol

Utopian ( Eng.)

Güncelleme tarihi: 25 May 2020

6.12.2017 CE. The alien invasion has begun exactly 67 years ago today. It was such an extraordinary invasion in which Utopians could not even comprehend that they were being invaded. First of all the aliens looked exactly like them, and spoke the Utopian language. Utopians were previously attacked by these disgusting, slimy green foes, but the aliens were not able to infiltrate the Utopian society.

Eventually, the aliens managed to infiltrate the Utopian society by utilizing a newly discovered virus called “Capitalismus”. The virus has altered the spirits of many Utopian citizens without altering their physical appearances. These converted Utopians were appointed as rulers or governors to various parts of the planet. Their task was hard to accomplish, and fearmongering or public executions were not enough to control Utopia completely. In order to exploit and harvest the riches of Utopia, they needed to do more. They needed the population of the planet to obey them at all costs without any questions.

The easiest and the most effective way to achieve this goal was to remove “Absolute Knowledge” and “Imagination” from the human kind. So, they slowly started to steal these treasures from newspapers, magazines and schools. They patiently waited for years, and their plan finally ripened. The transformation of the society was completed, and the people became the “zombies” they wanted. They were not thinking, questioning, reading or looking for improvement. They were only bystanders while the precious resources of their planet were siphoned up to the alien spaceships, waiting to be transported to the alien planet.

Only a small group, who were immune to the Capitalismus virus, were fighting tirelessly and trying to wake the people whose imagination and knowledge was stolen. The Dreamer was also among the immunes, and was traveling all around and looking for his people’s stolen treasures. He was aware that his generation was lost, but he was aiming to find hope for the generations to come. Otherwise, Utopia was going to be lost because ignorance was causing friction among the people of Utopia. Even the aliens were surprised about how successful their plan was. The results exceeded their expectations.

The Dreamer and his companions searched almost every part of their galaxy, and managed to find their long-lost treasures. As the Knowledge and Imagination increased, the zombified people began to go back to normal and were aware of what was going on around them. Everyone was human again, and they managed to banish the aliens from their planet. The Dreamer worked on preserving the Knowledge and Imagination until the end of his days on Utopia.

In the year 2067, when the Dreamer passed to another dimension, this phrase of the “Founder” is inscripted on his “final-sleep pod”:

"The greatest guide on life is knowledge.”

Betül Varol

Translated by Orhun Varol

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